Escher is a fun little app that I’ve been developing in my spare time. It’s kind of like MSPaint crossed with a kaleidoscope and a spirograph. The UI layout is not at all refined and is missing many features, but the kids love it. At some point I’ll write up a list of features and a how to.

Updates with 0.2:

-Fixed the flicker issue, everything should render very smoothly now.
-Enabled undo – just click the thumbnail in the history window to jump back.
-Right-click should now properly cancel an incomplete new shape.
-Added a crosshairs toggle button to the top toolstrip, it looks like a grid.
-Added a fill shape toggle button to the top toolstrip. This works for the enclosed shapes (triangles, polygons, curves).

Download it here: Escher_0.2

Here are a couple examples random doodles made in under a minute.